NEOSTEK Featured in Students vs. Startups Podcast

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NEOSTEK CEO Amina Elgouacem was featured in an episode of Eastern Foundry’s “Students vs. Startups” podcast. This program is a facilitated discussion with local technology students and entrepreneurs from Eastern Foundry.

This is an excerpt:

Amina Elgouacem

John: Great, great, great. I’ll ask you the question I ask everyone. What business problem does your company solve?

Amina: So we focus one hundred percent on the federal government. We help our customers get the right information to the right people at the right time. Using technology and we have been focusing mostly on taking the paper-based processes and the manual processes and automating the processes. Using technology to understand the business. So this is just in a nutshell what we do.

Listen to the podcast or read the full transcript on the Eastern Foundry blog.