NEOSTEK CEO Quoted in Forbes on Women-Owned Businesses in Government Contracting

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Woman WorkingNEOSTEK, Inc. is an award-winning woman-owned small business that provides information technology services to the U.S. Federal Government. Contracting with the Government is a complicated business, and it can be challenging to get access to certain types of contracts.

In a recent article in Forbes about the challenges for women-owned small businesses in Government contracting, CEO Amina Elgouacem got to share her perspective:

“It’s like they don’t even see us,” said Amina Elgouacem, another IT service provider who has been trying to become a prime contractor on one of these large contracts since starting her business NEOSTEK in 2010. “They have quotas they need to fill and if we’re not part of that, we don’t have a chance. We just want access, but if there isn’t a track for women-owned businesses written into these contracts, those doors are closed.”

Read the full article on the Forbes site: Study: Women Small Business Owners Being Shut Out of Major Government Contracts.

Amina Elgouacem is a member of the Leadership Advisory Council for Women Impacting Public Policy. Learn more about WIPP here.